Building an In-Ground Pool

From start to finish we can build a pool in approximately 2 weeks. Of course, factors can affect that number – weather, the size of the pool, or add-on accessories may add a few days..

Step 1 – Dig the Pool and establish the pool area

First, we figure out where you want the pool. Many factors can affect where you place your pool, including personal preference, septic laterals, utility lines, and the slope of your yard.

Next, we begin digging. Most pools we will dig in one day, but some larger pools can take 2 days (assuming we don’t hit bedrock).

If your yard has a slope to it, we will have to build a retaining wall to create a level area for the pool.

Step 2 – Set the Wall and Pour Footings

Once we dig the pool we can set the galvanized steel walls in place and you will immediately begin to recognize the pool you have been imagining. The walls are all bolted together and then we anchor the pool walls to the surrounding earth with rebar pins and concrete.

Step 3 – Plumb Pool, Backfill, and lay out gravel

Once the Concrete has set up we run the pipes along the bottom of the wall to the returns, skimmer(s), main drains, and cleaner line. These will be stubbed up at your equipment pad to be finished after we pour the concrete pad. Once the plumbing is installed, we run drain tile around the bottom of the pool wall to allow ground water to drain away from the pool. This keeps the water from bubbling up behind the liner. Once this is done we gravel around the plumbing and drain lines, as well as under the steps. This helps prevent settling and assists in draining water away from the pool. Then we fill in around the pool the rest of the way with the dirt we took out of the pool area initially. All this can usually be done in one day.

Step 4 – Pour Concrete

The concrete around the pool helps finally define the space once and for all. Broomed concrete is the standard, but many people like to have a stamped stone look. The stamped concrete will look unfinished for a little while because the sealer finishes the look and we can’t apply it until the concrete has cured for a couple months. Depending on how much concrete you have around the pool, from forming it up, to pouring, to curing; this step will take 2 to 4 days.

Step 5 – Finish out Dirt around Pool and Install Equipment

We certainly aren’t landscapers, but we do want to leave your yard as nice as possible. We always level out the dirt around the pool to provide a smooth transition from the concrete to the surrounding areas, but often customers will have landscapers come in as we finish up the pool so they can begin planting flowers, shrubs, trees, etc. At this point we will also install your equipment so that it will be ready to go as soon as we get water in the pool – the next and final step.

This step will take 1-2 days unless there are additional retaining walls to build around the pool

Step 6 – Pour Bottom & Install Liner

Just as the walls of the pool are defined by the steel panels, the floor is defined by pool krete – which is a mixture of vermiculite and concrete. Pool krete will set up firm to hold its shape but not as hard as concrete, which increases the life of the liner. Once the liner is in place we will begin filling the pool.

After the pool is about half full we cut in the steps, skimmers, and returns. Then you can fill the pool the rest of the way and the pool is ready for swimming.

We will then install all the accessories you’ve requested – handrail(s), ladder, diving board, basketball goal, volleyball poles, slide, deck jets, and/or automatic cover – and then your pool will be finished.

This is generally a 2-3 day process, most of that spent waiting for the water to fill.

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