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For over 35 years, we at Buster Crabbe Pools have made ourselves known as one of Southwest Missouri’s leading in-ground vinyl pool installers and service technicians. While we still strive to maintain excellence in these areas, we also have expanded and grown our retail store to be a one-stop-shop for anything a pool owner needs.

Quality Pool and Spa Chemicals

We carry a variety pool and spa chemicals, as well as low-chlorine and salt water products to keep you swimming all season long!

BioGuard Chemicals

We are a Bioguard Platinum dealer!

We are excited to offer customers Bioguard pool and spa chemicals! Bioguard has combined pool experience and chemistry to create simple and effective products, making them a trusted brand among pool owners.

Some products include:

  • Bioguard 3 step pool maintenance program – they did all the chemistry to make water treatment as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  • Algae Complete – to fight off algae and prevent it from coming back.
  • SilkGuard Complete chlorine tablets – not your basic chlorine tablet. Your pool will love these!
  • A full line of SpaGuard chemicals to keep your spa sparkling when you need it most!

Pool Accessories and Pool Fun!

From inflatable unicorns to luxury loungers, we have anything and (almost) everything for you to enjoy at the pool that fits your lifestyle.

Browse through our large selection of fun inflatable toys and mattresses, foam floats, loungers, pool games and so much more at competitive prices!

We often rotate retail items on sale, so follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find out about our current specials.

Maintenance Equipment

We have the area’s largest selection of inground and aboveground pool replacement parts. If we do not have it in stock, we will do our best to get you what you need.

Cleaning maintenance supplies such as nets, poles, hoses, vacuums, etc.

Replacement pumps, filters, motors, gaskets and more! We are here to help you!

FREE water testing!

FREE computerized water analysis

Our experienced and well-trained staff will help you devise a plan for your cloudy or green pool!

New pool owner? We would be happy to show you a basic weekly maintenance routine so you can feel confident to take care of your pool!

Get Project Ideas!

2 inground pool displays

24’ round above ground pool display

Over 30 years of inground vinyl pool archives & pictures to gather ideas for your backyard project


Located just 5 minutes South of James River off of Campbell. Go right on AA (at the go kart track) and we are about a mile down the road on the right!

I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your crew for a job well done on the above-mentioned project (Senior Health Center – Boliver, MO). It is a pleasure to work with subcontractors that take as much interest in our projects as we do. We look forward to doing business with your company in the future.

- Mike – Project Manager

Just wanted to say thanks… you guys did an awesome job. I don’t think Lori and I couldn’t be happier with the pool. Thought you might like a picture or two. If someone needs a reference please tell them to call or come and see. We will have nothing but great things to say.

- Dave – Home Owner

The work you did for my wife and I, where you installed a 20’ x 40’ foot pool and hot tub, was clearly superior. This is particularly true in the light of the fact that we required an unusual mix of concrete and dye. Since the installation, your maintenance has been prompt and courteous. Everyone on your staff has always been very helpful and obliging every time we have an inquiry or a request. I am particularly pleased with your delivery service for chemicals. Prior to finding your company, I have dealt with every other major company in town and have never been quite satisfied with the service, and sometimes, have been quite dissatisfied. Should you wish to refer anyone to me for a personal reference, I would be more than happy to talk to them about your work and your service.

- James – Home Owner

We want to thank you and your crew for the job you did on our pool. The work was done was you promised with little or no trouble. The project was started as soon as the ground & weather would allow. You came in and did the excavating, hauled off the earth and the pool was under way. There was never any mess left by any of the fellows who worked with you. Everyone had a job and did what they were supposed to do. The only regret we have is that we didn’t put the pool in years ago. There is very little work to the up keep and we really have loved the pool. We would not hesitate to recommend you to do any work. You are honest and we appreciated all the work you did. If anyone wants to see our pool just give us a call, you’re more than welcome to come by at any time. May you have a successful year.

- Ted & Deloris – Home Owners

I am writing to commend you on the job you did in installing my 20 by 40 foot rectangular pool with adjoining hot tub. I certainly appreciated the attention to detail and the promptness and courtesy of your crew and entire organization.

- James – Home Owner

One of the reasons we had for our hesitation at installing a pool was the horror stories about difficulty in caring for the pool. This was not the situation at all with our Buster Crabbe Pool. Jeff, you and your crew should be very proud of the pools you have installed. Since you installed our pool, we have seen several others done by your crew, and they are beautiful! In talking to those owners, I discover that they share the same feelings as we do.

- Bill – Home Owner

When we decided to build a pool we check with several pool companies. We chose the Buster Crabbe Pool over the others for the following reasons.

  • The price of the pool project was very competitive.
  • We wanted a lot of extra concrete work done. Buster Crabbe Pool does all of their own work. You don’t have the work problems of sub-contracting it out. This is our first winter with the pool and it is in good shape.
  • We liked the concrete finishing work around the coping and pool edge.
  • The project price also included the dirt removal – no hidden cost later.
  • Buster Crabbe gave us a timetable on pool construction and this was met.
  • The follow up service was as promised. The company made sure the pool was working properly. They showed us how to use the pool equipment and chemicals. Be sure to ask about pool chemicals. We were charged for ours through Buster Crabbe and I don’t know if you can get them cheaper other places. They called or stopped by several times to check on us.

We have been pleased with our pool thus far. It will be a year old the end of July.

- Wayne & Connie – Home Owners

With Many Thanks, for a beautiful pool you all made for us, and my soon. I love it. Also, a lot of our other friends, say its beautiful. Buster Crabbe Pools can do a beautiful job.

- Molly – Home Owner

We contracted with Buster Crabbe Pool of, Springfield MO, to install a 16’ x 32’ in ground pool. The job was completed to the exact specifications, on time and on budget. Our pool has been trouble free; however, any minor service needs were taken care of. We were so pleased with our pool that we’ve since purchased a hot tub from Buster Crabbe Pools. If you’re considering purchasing a pool or hot tub, I would highly recommend talking with Jeff at Buster Crabbe Pools.

- Jerome – Home Owner

A friend at Lake Ozark, for whom you installed a pool, game me your name. At the time, I had quote for a total concrete pool, but was not in the frame of mind to spend that kind of money. After meeting with you and discussing the Buster Crabbe concept of a vinyl-lined pool, we decided to proceed with the installation. Our pool was installed in a timely and professional manner, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. The vinyl lining is great; the equipment works well, and the accessories are the best. Taking care of the pool last summer was very easy and with the fine way it is set up, requires very little maintenance time.

- Jeff – Home Owner

While waiting for spring and “into the pool”, just a word to thank you for the excellent job we got from your organization. We looked at a number of other pools before deciding on a “Buster Crabbe”. Straight price was a consideration and many of the pools had similarities in construction. The items that sold us on your brand were the larger sand filter, pump and the number of outlets to facilitate water circulation and cleaning. Pool quality is one thing that can be determined prior to installation but the actual construction and final product is what you have to live with. We were delighted with the dispatch and expertise displayed by your crew. The pool is flat and true and the cement work, including the extra walkways, is second to none. I’m sure you can gather from all this that we are exceptionally well pleased with our pool and your work and will certainly recommend you to any and all who are interested.

- Richard – Home Owner

We purchased a Buster Crabbe pool two years ago. The primary reasons we did so were:

  • We liked the product
  • We liked the idea that the same person that sold us the pool would install it and eventually service it.

We have been happy with our pool; if we had to do it again we would more than likely make the same decision!

- Perry & Cheryl – Home Owners

I wanted to take a moment and write a recap of our first years’ experience with the swimming pool you installed for us in the spring. As I shared with you earlier, we were impressed and pleased with the presentation, including you explanation of all the options and helpful suggestions aimed at getting us into exactly the pool we wanted, and more importantly, within our budget. Your clear explanation of the terms of payment and what each of us should expect from the other as the process went along was certainly instrumental in insuring there were no unpleasant surprises. The building started on time and was completed as promised. We suggested some changes, such as adding more concrete decking, and of course, all of these were incorporated into the final project, the end result being a very beautiful and functional swimming pool which gets a lot of use. Your support during the summer to help insure we understood the pool chemicals and what was required to keep the water sparling clear and how to work the valves and pumps is appreciated, and I am pleased to report I was able to teach my wife and daughter the process, and they handle most of the minor adjustments as they are needed. Last fall, when you shut the pool down, everything was done in a very professional and proper manner at a reasonable price, and we experienced no problems over the winter. I am particularly thankful for your suggestion that we go for the permanently anchored pool cover as opposed to the standard cover, which would have been anchored with sandbags or bricks. The pool wintered well, and when you and your crew opened it this spring, we were in business with no trouble and little expense. All of the above has provided us with the opportunity to observe the process from initial construction through a full one-year cycle, all of which came together very nicely.

- Dave & Donna – Home Owners

We purchased a Buster Crabbe Swimming Pool in July. The dimensions of the pool are 16 x 32, with a vinyl liner, diving board, slide, steps, lights and a concrete pad surrounding the pool. The quality of the materials is excellent. We have had no problems with the quality or workmanship. Jeff started the pool in the middle of July, and although we had two torrential rainstorms, was able to complete the pool and landscaping by mid-August. In regard to the service and maintenance of the pool, Jeff has always made service calls, returned phone calls, and been able to answer and fix any questions we may have in regard to our swimming pool. As a further endorsement of Jeff and his crew, along with the Buster Crabbe product, we have since purchased a heater for the pool and Aqua-bot for cleaning purposed and the same service and reliability remained true. As this was a substantial investment for our family, we visited and spoke with many pool companies in the Springfield area. Our family truly believes that the outstanding quality, workmanship, service, reliability, and follow-through offered by Jeff and Buster Crabbe Pools are the best value in the Springfield market.

- David – Home Owner

I had a 18 x 36 pool installed by Jeff, Buster Crabbe Pools in the winter. My wife and I were very pleased at the way the construction work progressed. There was minimal damage done to the lawn surrounding the pool and a good job of putting the yard back together after the pool was dug was done also. The concrete work was excellent. One small section had pitted out because of freezing, it was broken up and replaced at no charge to me. The pool has operated without any problems at all. There have not been any structural problems that I have found or any deficiencies in the pumps or the entire system. We have had a question about chemicals, algae and so forth and Jeff has always been available for consultation and given us advice that worked. In summary, wer were very pleased with our pool that was installed by Jeff of Buster Crabbe Pools and have been subsequently pleased with the service that has been rendered and with the quality of the pool.

- JC – Home Owner

I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your crew for a job well done on the above-mentioned project (Senior Health Center – Boliver, MO). It is a pleasure to work with subcontractors that take as much interest in our projects as we do. We look forward to doing business with your company in the future.

- Mike – Project Manager